Music is Passion

Igbo music (IgboEgwu nkwa ndi Igbo) is the music of the Igbo people, who are indigenous to the southeastern part of Nigeria. The Igbo traditionally rely heavily on percussion instruments such as the drum and the gong, which are popular because of their innate ability to provide a diverse array of tempo, sound, and pitch. Igbo music is generally lively, upbeat, and spontaneous which creates a variety of sounds that enables the Igbo people to incorporate music into almost all the facets of their daily lives. Some very popular Igbo music styles are Igbo highlifeIgbo rapOdumodu.

Traditionally music has been used to:

  • Enhance celebrations, such as during the New Year, weddings, birthday parties, childbirth and naming ceremonies
  • To bring about a historically sacred ambiance at church services, funerals, and eulogies
  • For pleasure, such as when lullabies are sung by parents to their children
  • For sports and labor
  • To guide historians as they recount stories

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